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Richardt Strauss,  Mike Prendergast,  Jack conan , Jack o donughue , Peter Dooley , Michael Bent , Jamie Hagan , Cathal Marsh , Bernard Jackman , John Fogarty , Tiernan O Halloran , Kieran Marmion,  Cian Kelleher , Will Connors , Gavin Thornbury,  Lee Keegan , Diarmuid Connolly,  Ryan Manning , Sinead Goldrick,  Sean Cavanagh , Kevin Feely , Jack McGrath , Niall Ronan , John Madigan , Ben Betts , Kevin Kilbane , Shay Given , Aaron Dundon , Shane Delahunt , Hugh o Sullivan , Ronan Kelleher , Richardt Strauss agent,  Mike Prendergast agent,  Jack conan  agent, Jack o donughue agent , Peter Dooley agent , Michael Bent agent , Jamie Hagan  agent, Cathal Marsh agent , Bernard Jackman agent , John Fogarty  agent, Tiernan O Halloran agent , Kieran Marmion agent,  Cian Kelleher agent , Will Connors  agent, Gavin Thornbury agent,  Lee Keegan  agent, Diarmuid Connolly agent,  Ryan Manning agent , Sinead Goldrick agent,  Sean Cavanagh agent , Kevin Feely agent , Jack McGrath agent , Niall Ronan  agent, John Madigan agent , Ben Betts  agent, Kevin Kilbane  agent, Shay Given  agent, Aaron Dundon  agent, Shane Delahunt  agent, Hugh o Sullivan  agent, Ronan Kelleher agent ,
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ProRugby is Ireland’s ultimate specialist agency that works primarily in the management of the careers of professional rugby & soccer players


ProRugby is Ireland’s ultimate specialist agency that works primarily in the management of the careers of professional rugby & soccer players. Who also work in the field of golf.


Based in Ireland and the UK, ProRugby was founded seven years ago and is among the longest established agencies in the management of professional Rugby & Soccer in Ireland and with a team of agents, we service the needs of more than 50 professional athletes across various sports fields.


It was established to help both players and clubs achieve their goals and potential.


Our team works with individual athletes to create strong, mutually beneficial, partnerships between Irish & International athletes and businesses.

In order for a player to get the best out of themselves they need to be able focus on performance and know that others aspects of their career are getting the focus they need. This is where we come in.